How To Become A Web Designer

This is brought to you by graphic designer Roberto Blake. This is how you become a web designer in 2015, how it’s changed since he got started in web design when he was still 14 years old, and what you need to know today to succeed as a web designer, whether that be as a freelancer or working at an in-house company, or working at an ad agency.

One of the big questions that always comes up is, do you need to learn HTML code to be a web designer. The short answer is yes and no. You can design websites without learning HTML coding, but it’s not recommended. And just because you can code, doesn’t necessarily mean you can design. It requires both things.

Part of the process of web design actually still requires some pen and paper, because you have to plan these things out. You have to learn a lot of things if you want to get started as web designer.

One of the first things is, what is the website going to be about. When you’re taking on a web design project, just like any other graphic design project, you need to start with a client brief.

Too many people whether it’s designers or whether it’s more technical want to jump into the computer, and not deal with human beings first, and deal with pen and paper.

Pen and paper is still part of the process, and there’s a reason for that. You need to organize your ideas. You need to have a hierarchy for the website, you need to know how many pages does it need to be, you need to determine do those pages have different layouts, and are there templates that need to be developed for specific parts of the website, different types of content that are going to be on there. What media types going to be on the website, is it going to have a lot of images, video, audio components, blogs? Is it an e-commerce website? If so, what are we doing in terms of taking credit card payments? Paypal? All of these things are important. You need to know these before touching the keyboard or mouse.